The city of Danbury Health and Human Services is doing its part to keep you safe and healthy with Healthy Danbury Day.

In a press release, the city announced this special day to help local residents in need during the coronavirus pandemic by providing essential health services. The Danbury Health and Human Services Department, in partnership with the Connecticut Institute for Communities, and Danbury Hospital/Nuvance Health, will be providing free COVID-19 testing, as well as flu vaccinations, and personal care. It's a one day only event, and it's happening this Saturday (October 17) at Rogers Park Middle School at 21 Memorial Drive.

If you participate in Healthy Danbury Day, and want to take advantage of the services being offered, you will not need to provide an insurance card, or a drivers license to receive any of the free services. It's a drive-thru event that will take place in the front of the school and will be going on from 9 AM until 1 PM.

There will be medical staff on hand conducting COVID-19 swab testing, and flu shots will be provided by Danbury Hospital. To date, the city of Danbury has conducted 54,714 COVID-19 tests to date with 3,240 testing positive.

If you need more information on Healthy Danbury Day, you can call the Connecticut Institute for Communities at (203) 456-1413, or Danbury Health and Human Services at (203) 797-4625.

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