The head of the Port Authority is among nearly 40 new confirmed coronavirus cases in New York, including nearly 20 new cases from the Lower Hudson Valley.

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On Sunday, there were105 confirmed novel coronavirus cases in New York. On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the number has jumped to a 142. There are 16 new confirmed cases in Westchester County and two new cases in Rockland County. There are also seven new cases in New York City and 12 new cases from Long Island.

There are now 98 confirmed cases in Westchester County, four in Rockland County, one in Ulster County, 19 in New York City, two in Saratoga County and 18 from Long Island, according to Cuomo. More positive cases are expected. Eight of the 142 people are hospitalized, Cuomo confirmed.

Also on Monday, Cuomo announced Port Authority Executive Director of New York and New Jersey Rick Cotton tested positive for COVID19, the New York Post reports.

"He is going to be on quarantine. He'll be working from home and now the senior team that works with Rick will also be tested so several of them may be on quarantine and they’ll be working from home,” Cuomo said during a press conference on Monday.

It's unclear how Cotton got coronavirus, but Cuomo mentioned he was recently at JFK Airport in Queens.

Cuomo also announced New York State will start making its own hand sanitizer

"We’re hearing from local governments that acquiring hand sanitizer has been a real problem," Cuomo tweeted. "NYS will immediately begin producing hand sanitizer ourselves — 100,000 gallons per week. We'll provide it to government agencies, schools, the MTA, prisons, & others."

Cuomo also issued new guidelines for schools due to the spread of coronavirus.

"For all NY schools we are setting a new policy that if a student tests positive for #Coronavirus in a school, that school will be closed for a 24hr period so we can do (an) assessment of the situation," Cuomo said. "Then a determination will be made about whether to close the school for longer."

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