Last night, I was driving north on Route 7 near the Danbury Fair Mall and saw my first snow of the season. With the mild temperatures that we have been having this fall, it almost felt as though the cold weather would never arrive, and I would have been totally fine with that. However, here comes the ol' National Weather Service issuing a Hazardous Weather Outlook for Danbury and the surrounding area.


I have to say that the older I get, the more you can keep the snow. While it's pretty to look at and so pretty while it is coming down, I could live in 60 degree temperatures every day of my life and be very, very happy. Is that asking for too much? Apparently, in the northeast, it sure is. Here is the Hazardous Weather Outlook posted by the National Weather Service:

An arctic front will pass through the region late Thursday night bringing the coldest air of the season to the are Friday into Saturday. Record low temperatures are possible Friday night, with temperatures falling into the lower to mid 20s for the urban corridor and coast and teens across the interior. This will end what is left of the growing season.

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