Well, that explains a lot. SciencePunch.com has reported that those with RH negative blood type are aliens from another world. This blood type comprises 15% of the world's population and carries a few very interesting characteristics. First of all, RH negative blood not only does not contain any protein while RH positive blood does. This is not an issue when donating blood because RH negativers can give blood to anyone but can only accept blood from a doner with the same blood type. But does that make us ET's extended family?

OK, I will admit that maybe I see things differently than others. Hmmmm, my first born child, Johnny, and I tend to have a lot of the same views and we are both O negative. My second child, Greg, is O positive and I will admit that among the three of us, he is the one that sees the world much more black and white while Johnny and I see lots of sparkly, pretty colors and shiny things.

According to this article, there are some characteristics that are shared among the aliens among us with RH negative blood:

  • lower than average body temperature
  • red hair
  • above average sensitivity to high temperatures
  • green or blue eyes
  • higher levels of physical and emotional awareness

Interesting...is it true? I don't know, I'll check back after I phone home.

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