Connecticut is no slouch when it comes to haunted places. Since some of the most haunted places in the country are a mere headstone's throw away, Cat Rose and I decided to do a spooky tour. Our first stop was Union Cemetery in Easton, CT, where the famous "White Lady" is apparenty not resting in peace. is just one of the many websites that identify the ghost as Harriet R. Seeley who passed away on May 28, 1853. Legend is that she roams the cemetery in search of the son she lost in childbirth just one week earlier on May 21, 1853.

Thanks to our trusty GPS, we got to the cemetery quickly. As we walked around looking for the resting place of Harriet B. Seeley, we just couldn't find her headstone. From the online pictures, plus the name "Seeley" engraved on many of the headstones, we knew we had to be in the right area...and then...we saw it:

Photo - Linda Guerrera

To say that we were a little freaked out that the one gravestone that we were searching for was knocked over is an understatement. We paid our respects to Harriet Seeley and her baby and we left. If she is the White Lady, hopefully one day she can rest in peace.

Headstone of Harriet R. Seeley
The headstone reads: HARRIET R. SEELEY, WIFE OF EZRA S. SEELEY, DIED MAY 28, 1853, AGED 27 Yrs & 6 Mo., ALSO, THEIR INFANT SON, DIED MAY 21, 1853

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