I am not a huge sports fan. I like baseball, I grew up in New York so I'm a Yankee fan first, Met fan second and my BFF's baby brother was a major league pitcher. That means that whatever team Brian Sweeney was on, I was a fan of that team too. If we're talking football, since my husband is a JETS fan, I have to deal with, I mean I am also a JETS fan.

I get the whole rivalry thing. As I mentioned earlier, I'm a Yankee fan which means I hate the Red Sox. They never did anything to me, but I have to hate them, it's part of being a Yankee fan. Hate is a strong word, yes I know, but it's part of the deal. If you don't hate the Red Sox then don't put on a Yankee shirt. Just Don't!

Here we go with the big game this Sunday. Sure, we're going to a party. Yes, I will listen to my husband hate the Patriots. He swears the Falcons will win, well, we'll see.

Whoever you're rooting for or whether you care or not, Happy Sunday!

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