What a week it's been! We got so busy with the storms that we really didn't get a chance to talk about the Royal Wedding all that much.

I kept hearing things like, "Ugh! Who cares?" and "UGH! Who cares?" and even, "UGH!! WHO CARES?". I love watching the royals. They are just a curious bunch and I don't understand a lot of it. I will admit, I don't really want to understand, but I do like to watch them. There were a few that were right there with me marveling over the wedding dress, ooooing and ahhhing over the little boys carrying the bridal train. Then, there were those who mocked me for giving any of my attention to the Windsors.

So, I found something that may just about please everyone. Humor! The video below contains all of the beauty and elegance of the Royal Wedding plus it pokes a little bit of fun. Happy viewing!


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