I would have walked right by him in line at the Exxon gas station in Westport Connecticut the other day, as he was waiting in line to pay for groceries as well as his fuel.

Harvey Weinstein was reportedly checking out the latest magazines and TMZ snapped a photo of him shopping. TMZ points out that over the weekend, he appeared to be studying the new Marie Claire magazine with Nicole Kidman on the cover, striking an incredibly provocative pose. He didn't spend nearly as much time looking over the magazines featuring Jennifer Anniston and Gwen Stefani on their covers.

Washington Post reports that he lives in an ocean front estate in Westport, so he wasn't far from home. It's been about a year since the first allegations of sexual harassment against him came out. He's due in court again soon, and believe it or not, according to
USA Today, the New York judge could possibly be throwing his case out.

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