Smirnoff Vodka, owned and operated by Heublein Spirits of Hartford, Connecticut is holding a contest asking what you would rather be doing than going back to work the day after July 4th. The prize that 100 random people will win is $500, just for sharing thoughts on this subject on social media.

Since the fourth is more than a week away, we have a little time to think about what to write. The question is: will our bosses appreciate these social media posts? Probably not so much, but if there’s something in it for them, maybe they will. Perhaps if a percentage of the prize comes back to the work place in the form of a communal bagel breakfast?

Click here for their Facebook page which details the: Dear America, tell your boss you’re taking a 5 day weekend for America contest.

It’s not going to be easy to take the fourth of July off then go back to work the next day (Thursday) and Friday. Smirnoff Vodka knows it, and that’s the reason any one of us could win $500.

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