Top O' the mornin' to ya. It's not only Feline Friday, but it is also St. Patty's Day. Now I know you are probably wondering how cats celebrate March 17th. You probably think they don't care. You probably even think they have no idea that calendars exist. Oh, you would be wrong, my friend. Cats know everything. And yes, even cats are Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

You don't have to go dying their food green or add coloring to their water, they would actually most likely think that is ridiculous. You might want to dress them up, but they would probably protest. Cats, unlike dogs, don't do what they don't want to do. They are more like, "Hey, human, you want to celebrate, go right ahead, but that green cat-sized tutu you're holding, yeah, that's not happening."

But, hey, catnip is green and they love catnip.

So while you are celebrating this fine day, drinking your green beer and shamrock shakes, don't forget the catnip.

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