Happy Feline Friday!

Over the years, I have probably seen about a million cat videos. I know, mew probably have too. The funny thing is that humans seem to be addicted to cat videos. What is it about these furry four-legged creatures that we can't seem to get enough of? Why is it that even people who say that they are not a fan of cats (gasp, hiss) watch them. In fact, I think it is those very people who watch the most feline films. Some might say that these mean people are trying to figure cats out. I think that they are secretly admiring them and choose this way to bask in their glory.

Whatever the case, the internet is loaded with meows, purrs and the like. The following video is about a cat named "Sparta". It has always cracked me up. First of all, the guy in the video reminds me of my nephew, Michael. Secondly, well, it's a cat video, why wouldn't I like it?

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