Happy Feline Friday. Yup, here we go, it's time to start the weekend the right way, with a cat video.

As you may know by now, every week, I scour the internet searching for just the right video of meowness to get things going in the right direction for you weekend. This week, we visit one of my favorite internet stars once again, Maru, the Scottish Fold who lives on the other side of the world in Japan.

In case you missed the Feline Friday video of a few weeks ago where I announced that the Guiness Book of World Records announced that Maru is the most viewed animal on the internet, then let me tell you that this is no ordinary kitty. Maru is a star of meownic purrportions.

Maru's owner took the feline's love of boxes to create something quite special. So, let's get this weekend started, here's Maru trying on wigs.

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