Think your kitty doesn't communicate with each other directly? Think again! Here is the purr-fect example of sibling love. Little Creamscicle wants a toy that is out of reach. He tries and he tries but he just can't reach. Here comes big sis and she is more than ready to help him out.

Watch as he shouts out exactly what he wants and she helps out little bro.

This what I think about often, next time you think that you are so much smarter than your pet, ask  your self these questions: who is going to work every day while the other gets to lounge around at home? Who puts up with annoying co-workers or a demanding boss while the other is not even expected to clean up after themselves? When you come home from a long day, has your pet even dusted your living room or emptied the dishwasher? Who's really the smarter one?

Happy Feline Friday =^..^=

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