Well, if this isn't a great topic, I don't know what is!


Candy! We all like something sweet now and then. Some like it more now than then. With each holiday, there seems to be a special confection to honor it. There are candy canes for Christmas, jelly beans for Easter, chocolate covered trees for arbor day. OK, I was just kidding with that last one, I wanted to make sure that you were paying attention and that the sugar from this blog didn't send you into hyperglycemic shock.

When my kids were trick-or-treating age, they knew that after we came back from our festive neighborhood goody begging, we would spread our Halloween bounty on the living room floor. Each piece was checked for tampering. Then, all the Snickers went to mom and the boys split the rest.

It was perfect because Johnny loved chocolate flavored with mint like Peppermint Patties (gross!) and Greg is allergic to peanuts so the Skittles were his. What's your favorite?

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