‘Tis the season once again to gain an hour of sleep, as we turn back the clocks and ‘fall’ back this coming weekend.

So many people get confused as to whether it’s Spring back and Fall forward or vice-versa. It’s actually "spring forward" and "fall back," and it’s set for the night of Saturday, November 3, 2018.

The long awaited return of Eastern Standard Time will be here. It’s been debated locally many times: is the whole time change thing a useless exercise? Florida was one of the states wanting to do away with the process. Do you think we here in Connecticut and New York should continue to spring forward and fall back? You can tell us in the comment section below.

Being early for work would be awful, so be sure to turn your clocks back Saturday night, so you’re adjusting to the difference on Sunday. Although, lots of devices automatically change the time for us, there are a few things that we still have to change. I hate changing the clock in my car. I can never remember how I did it six months ago, but I definitely will take the extra hour of sleep!

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