So you buy a loaf of bread at the supermarket, bring it home and it's starting to get moldy, how could this happen, and could you have avoided it?

The answer to this question is yes, but only if you know what to look for.

There's an interesting grocery hack. that once you know it, you'll never bring home stale or moldy bread ever again.

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We all know there are special freshness or sell by dates that are listed somewhere on the bag of bread, but even if your lucky enough to find it, good luck trying to read what the date is. Plus that's just the sell by date, not the date the bread was actually baked.

According to, bread bakers have it down to a science, and keep a very tight schedule to make sure the bread arriving at your supermarket is as fresh as possible. That's why they put color twist ties or those plastic tags on the bag, and those specific colors indicate on which day of the week the bread was baked.

These color twist ties or tags serve a duel purpose. First it makes it easier for the staff in the store to rotate the bread by removing the older loafs and replacing them with the fresh bread using the twist tie or plastic tag color system. Because of this daily rotation, there is a possibility that you could see two different color twist ties or tags on the day your shopping. The other reason is that it makes it easier for the consumer to actually tell on what day of the week the bread had been baked.

Here's something else to keep in mind, most bakers usually have Wednesday's and Sunday's off, so there's only five colors that you'll have to know about.

The color system currently in use is Blue for Monday, Green represents Tuesday, Red for Wednesday, White is for Friday, and Yellow means the bread was baked on a Saturday.

So once you have this down, your odds of getting day old, or stale break reduces considerably, but just remember that not every single supermarket uses this system, but it is used extensively at the larger chain stores, so you should be good to go.

I bet that now that your done reading this your probably going to check the color of the twist tie or tag on the bread you currently have at home, so go ahead, it's a good thing to know.

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