Every crisis produces a new crop of heroes, and it looks like our local grocery store workers are falling into that category during this coronavirus pandemic.

During 9/11 it was our firefighters and police officers, the first responders, that went well above and beyond, and now during this coronavirus pandemic, of course our medical personnel must be included, but some of the unsung heroes are our friends and neighbors who are putting themselves at high risk everyday to make sure we have what we need.

Grocery stores have now become the front lines, and one of the most essential businesses that have to stay open so we can get the supplies and food we need for our families.

Many stores have changed their hours to accommodate seniors and people at a higher risk to the virus, yet through it all the employees are there either stocking shelves, or checking people out at the registers. They are coming in contact with hundreds of people each day, but understand that their job is crucial at this uncertain time.

Tom Cingari Sr., whose family operates three ShopRite supermarkets in Connecticut including ShopRite in Danbury told newstimes.com about how the workers have really stepped up during this crisis.

Supermarket workers are now on the front lines because they are working in one of the few businesses not shuttered due to the pandemic and one that provides a necessary service. We’re starting to see headlines and comments in social media that supermarket and pharmacy workers are, in this environment, starting to get lumped in with first responders.

So the next time you're picking up a few items in the supermarket, and you see someone working and putting themselves at risk, how about saying a big "Thank You".

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