With new babies born every day and the unique names that parents seem to come up with, I started thinking. Now let me preface this whole thing by telling you that when I utter the words, "hey, I was thinking," my husband usually braces himself. When I get a few minutes to think, I can take it to new levels. It is sort of how I amuse myself.

That being said, with all of this snow, let's have some weather fun. I came up with a list of some great names for children of meteorologists. If you are a weather-person, feel free to use any of these as my gift to you and your new bundle of joy. Since I obviously cannot control the last name, here is a list of first and middle names just add your own last name:


  • Crystal Rain
  • Gail Force
  • Froze Anne
  • Anna Artica
  • Mia Frozen


  • Justin Time or Justin Casey
  • Frank Forecast
  • Sleeter Snow
  • Jack Frost (come on, this had to make the list)
  • Snowa Cumulation

I'm sure you have one or two to add to my list. Let me know what you would name your weather child.

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