In my heart, I believe that anyone who has the desire to serve their country and put their lives on the line, should, if they are physically able, be allowed to. Just my opinion, but the divide on this issue is wide.

You have to be living under a rock to not know that on July 26, President Trump reversed U.S. policy by announcing a ban on transgender people serving in the military.

I know there are so many sides on this very intense issue. But at the end of it all, I appreciate our service members and their sacrifice, and feel no one should be discriminated against. In the wake of the President's announcement, Governor Malloy is looking to counter the ban by signing an executive order reinforcing Connecticut's nondiscrimination policies within the Connecticut Military Department.

The Governor made this statement in the press release at

President Trump’s announcement that he plans to ban transgender individuals from serving in our military is ignorant and profoundly troubling. The reality is that a person’s gender identity or expression has nothing to do with their willingness or ability to defend our nation. Any able person who wishes to serve in the military should have that right – regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. In recent years, our military has made great strides to be more inclusive. The President’s announcement sends a frightening signal to the public that our government condones discrimination and raises serious questions about what other advancements towards inclusion in the military may also be in jeopardy. For our part, we have been fierce and vocal advocates for the rights of transgender individuals in Connecticut, and we will not abandon them now. This is a wrong-minded and harmful policy and we will explore our options for what can be done to stop it

Thank you for your service.

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