If you have been waiting since mid March to get back to the gym so you can try and shed those COVID pounds, your wait is almost over.

During his Monday press briefing, the Governor announced that next Monday August 24th, gyms in the Empire State can actually reopen with some restrictions.

Gyms have been one of the last businesses to be able to start their reopening process, and now a date has been set, but because of the nature of gym's and the hands on atmosphere there are a number of restrictions that will be put in place.

Once you head back to your gym or fitness center, things will probably look a lot different then the last time you were there.

According to nypost.com, here are some of the state guidelines that will govern the reopening of gyms and fitness facilities:

  • Gyms and Fitness Facilities will be limited to 33% capacity
  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers must comply with all HVAC ventilation requirements
  • All Gyms and Fitness Centers must be inspected before they can hold indoor classes
  • Health departments must inspect gyms before reopening or within two weeks of reopening to make sure they are meeting state guidelines. Local governments will also be expected to enforce the guidelines.

Gyms were suppose to be part of the final phase of reopening, but the Governor said earlier this month that they were still unsafe, and would remain closed indefinitely. This new ruling is a reversal of that decision, and as on Monday August 24th, Gyms will be allowed to resume business.

During the shutdown many gyms have put memberships on hold or have extended membership terms. If your a gym member, you can check with them to see when their membership fees will restart.

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