This it. It's happened. It's over -- we are finished. The robot revolution is in motion. This is no longer science fiction, this is not theory and it's not in the organization/planning stages. In months, robots will fly packages to people's Virginia homes.

Wing is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.'s Google, and the FAA has granted them the same certification that small airlines get. This information comes courtesy of Bloomberg, who went on to say that they plan to use the certification to do home delivery.

Companies like Amazon and others have talked about this for quite some time, but Google is the first to get the green light from the FAA. The company says it plans on starting the home delivery system soon on a small scale. Two rural communities in Virginia will be the first to benefit from the drone, home delivery system with the company saying they will start within months.

Let's back up and away from my crazed, doomsday, robot forecast. Let's play in "the now." Before robots come to kill you and your loved ones, what could happen in the short term? How 'bout a stray Tony Bennett CD taking a chunk out of your head while walking your dog? How 'bout a John Grisham novel putting a man-sized dent in your Hyundai? Maybe an over-excited teenager times the drone's actions out just right and goes for a ride that he/she does not know how to get off of.

You know people are going to shoot at them, you know someone is going to steal one. You know malfunctions will happen, you know these things will drop from the sky at some point and land on the highway in rush hour.

What could go wrong? Too late to ask. It's gone wrong and the consequences are right around the corner. Ya wanted the future, kid. Here it is and it's going to suck.

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