I was inspired to write this after I wrote about Rascal Flatts yesterday and I was searching for a picture to add to my article. You might think that this is an easy task but finding a picture can oftentimes take longer than writing the blog itself.

So there I was, all done with my writing and now I'm looking for a picture, a good picture, of Rascal Flatts. Ten minutes later, I'm still looking. Now, let me say this in their defense, it's hard to get a good picture when there are mulitple people in the shot, someone is ultimately not looking at the camera, has a goofy look on their face, doesn't want to be in the picture, etc. But this trio of musical genius gave me a plethora of material to choose from.


In my first installment of "Goofy Pictures of Famous People" I spotlight the inspiration: Rascal Flatts. Take a look:




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