YIKES! A fire randomly broke out right along Route 202 / Danbury Road this afternoon right at the New Milford/Brookfield line.

As I was driving back to the radio station from the Stop & Shop in New Milford, I saw a cloud of smoke coming from the opposite side of the road. I noticed a few good Samaritans jumped out of their cars and were trying to stomp out the fire. Multiple people were pulled over along the side of the road as well.

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As I saw how dry the grass was, I assumed it had to be from the heat. Its a whopping 94 degrees out (my car said 101) so it's no surprise to me if this is the case. I kept driving down 202 and noticed ANOTHER big cloud of smoke. Another fire broke out less than a mile down the road.

When I got to the radio station, I ended up turning around and going back up 202 so I can see the status of the fires. Everything must've escalated pretty quickly because there was already traffic backed up on that side of the road. When I got to the fire, the Water Witch Hose Co. #2 of New Milford had already blocked off the right lane of the road and was putting out the fire.

Townsquare Danbury
Townsquare Danbury

Officials said there was no confirmed cause of the fire as they did not see anything specific that caused it. Multiple different fire departments have put out warnings regarding the heat for the next few days. Maybe not regarding to the side of the road catching on fire, but to make sure you're safe and well aware of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

The Brookfield Fire Department posted this to their Facebook page to keep everyone informed:

Stay safe in this heat and be well aware of your surroundings. Shout out to the good Samaritans who tried putting out the fire and for our wonderful Fire Department for immediately taking action so that it didn't get worse.


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