Sad news to report from Wolcott. According Wolcott Police Department, a goat that was attacked by a bear on Friday (October 26), has died from his wounds.

Just after 1:00am on Friday morning, the owner of the goat named Carl was awakened by his barking dog and screams from his goat who was in his electric fenced enclosure. When the homeowner went outside, he found a large bear attacking Carl. Using a licensed firearm, two rounds were fired into the air. When the bear didn't release the goat, the owner shot the bear.

Unfortunately, police were unable to find a veterinarian who could make an emergency visit to treat his serious open wounds and lacerations at that time of the morning. Several hours later, the goat was transported to Country Companions in Bethany where he was treated. Unfortunately, the attack was just too much and Carl died from his injuries on Saturday.

Because of the serious injuries sustained by their goat and the specifics of this case, Wolcott Police and ENCON have determined that the homeowner was justified in firing his weapon to protect his animals. An investigation of the incident by ENCON says that it appears that the bear possibly climbed a tree to get over fenced-in area where Carl the goat was sleeping. The 300-350 pound bear also succombed to his injuries.

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