FuelCell Energy headquartered in Danbury is planning to add at least 100 jobs at it’s Torrington plant according to Nasdaq.com. The publicly traded energy research corporation runs direct fuel cell power plants which makes electricity and heat from standard fuels. Their website states the company specializes in: “delivering clean innovative solution for the global supply, recovery, and storage of energy.” They were awarded projects from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection which warranted increased production in June.They are increasing their output and production rate to 120 percent, which will require additional labor. The 100 new hires will be brought in within the next 12 months the Newstimes says.

Increasing their output rate the company says will help them make new progress as far as bringing more clean energy to the state. The Torrington Connectcut factory was built in 2001. Since being established in 1969 it’s expanded globally and operates worldwide.
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