Doesn't this sound like the perfect life? Becoming the owner of a small general store in a very quiet part of Connecticut. The store has been family-owned for almost 90 years, you're the only food place for miles, the locals are loyal, and you live right above it. Gilmore Girls fans, this is your chance to live in the real part of the country that inspired Star's Hollow, you could be Luke's Diner / Doose's.

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If you have $625,000, a very rare opportunity just like that has come on the market in Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut. The space that's now known as the Cornwall Country Market is up for sale. It's currently the only food game in town, and the possibilities for your vision are up to what you do with this beautiful starting point. According to the listing Bain Real Estate on, the $625,000 will get you the real estate, but the current owners are game to sell "Cornwall Country Market" as intellectual property too. So if a general store/deli isn't your speed, maybe a Diner named Luke's in the area of Connecticut that inspired Star's Hollow would work? Take a peek:

Picture-Perfect General Store on the Market in Cornwall Bridge

Have you dreamed of owning a small general/grocery store in a sleepy suburban town? The simple life, selling handmade goods and milk and eggs to a group of dedicated locals? Well, the perfect opportunity to fulfill your dreams just went on the market in West Cornwall, Connecticut. Check it out.


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