As the pandemic continues to eat away at 2020, aren't we all getting bored with doing the same things week in and week out? Businesses have adapted at this point, here in Connecticut, to safely reopen. There are some really great things to do and places to explore in the Naugatuck Valley. I wrote an article earlier about The Rogi Shoppe opening in Shelton at the end of July, so Mrs. Large and I took a ride down Route 8 over the weekend to do a little wandering and exploring. We came across a business that I'd never seen before that I thought was really cool, and I thought you might find it interesting too. My first experience with Virtual Reality gaming was when I bought the Nintendo Virtual Boy back in the 90's. Oh man, it was terrible, it made you queasy to wear that thing and look around. Virtual Reality has come a very long way since. With today's technology, you can completely immerse yourself in ways that you couldn't even imagine, and they're not just simply playing 16-bit video games.

I stopped in front of The Vault Virtual Reality, which is located at 115 Main Street in Seymour, in the old Seymour Trust Co. building, hence the name 'The Vault'. What they offer there is the latest VR technology, where you are free to walk safely on a Omni multi-directional treadmill, while wearing a headset that gives you a 360 view and headphones to block out the ambient noise. You've definitely seen this setup on TV, The Vault actually has it. This kind of VR is incredibly immersive, a whole other level of entertainment. Another offering that The Vault has that caught my eye, is Virtual Educational Classes that could help supplement distance learning. Definitely something to consider if you're keeping the kids home. The courses that are offered on The Vault's website are marketed towards grades 5-12, interesting stuff. Just a couple of suggestions in case you're looking at doing something different, I had no idea that you could fight virtual zombies from the heart of Seymour before this past weekend.

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