If you've read some of the articles that I've written over the years, you know my love for food, fairs, and local festivals.

One of my favorite local events here in Connecticut is Waterbury's Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Feast. It was last weekend and I missed it this year. Just as we were about to head over to Highland Avenue this past Saturday, thunderstorms moved in and crushed my dream of swimming in the sauce of OLMC's gorgeous, infamous fried dough. Damn you Mother Nature.

My dreams of stuffing my fach full of sausage and peppers, pasta fagioli and delicate sfogliatelles live on this week because there's a big Italian-American Festival happening in Southington this coming weekend, July 24 & 25, 2021.

The 16th Annual Southington Italian-American Festival will take place this coming Saturday, July 24, 2021, starting at 5 PM and Sunday July 25, 2021, from noon until 6 PM. The festival is being set up on the lower portion of Center Street and there will be food tents, live entertainment from local artists, a petting zoo on Sunday from 1-4 PM and a face painter for the kids on Sunday also.

Here's the info that you've been waiting for, the food: Sufrite, pasta fagioli, sausage and pepper grinders, squash fritters, proscuitto panini's, fried dough, fried calamari, pizza, meatball grinders, Caprese salads, hot dogs, burgers, wings, fries, gelato, lemon ice, Italian pastries, and San Pellegrino beverages.

It's a free event and the Southington Police Department has just released a list of the streets that will be closed or detoured during the event. Center Street will be blocked off by officers at North Liberty/Liberty Street and at the intersection of High Street. The detour route around Center Street will also be a designated no-parking zone during the closure. Also, there will be no parking allowed on:

  • Liberty Street from Columbus Ave to Center St
  • North Liberty Street from Center Street to High Street
  • High Street from North Main Street to Center Street
  • Center Street from High Street to South Center Street

See you there!

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