It's not a subject that anyone wants to think about, but what would you do if there was an emergency and you were told to evacuate your home? What would be the first thing you would grab? Did you know that you should have bleach and an eyedropper available? Do you know why?

No one is prepared. Let's face it, even if we are, we won't be ready. It's a scary thought but it's something that we really should at least think about. The moment of crisis is not the time to start that thought process.

The State of Connecticut has put together free pamphlet, the Connecticut Guide to Emergency Preparedness, click here to download. You can have it mailed to you by clicking this link or by calling (860) 509-7270. This information is vital to you and your family in an emergency situation. Everything you need to know is contained in this guide and could truly save your life.


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