This is the time of year that sports fans love. It's the start of the hockey season, football is in full effect, baseball playoffs are underway, and basketball season is crankin'. If you love sports, why not get paid to watch it, and you can stay right here in the Greater Danbury, and Hudson Valley Region. I have your hook up. Streaming Observer wants to hire a 'sports junkie' according to Thrillistpaying $25 an hour for their services. You would be a contract worker, presumably per diem. The gig includes all the free sports programming you can handle. Thrillist says:

As SO's resident sports fan, you'll be tasked with streaming games for 10 or more hours every week for the next few months via various services and devices, while taking some notes and collecting data on your viewing experience (they'll provide you with specific guidelines on all that). You'll also be asked to snap an occasional photo or video of yourself on the job.

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