Did dad do the right thing or is he a "jerk"?

Planning and putting together any type of children's birthday party can be overwhelming, if you're a parent you know exactly what I'm talking about. You need to find a place to hold the party, food, entertainment, who to invite, the list of "to-do's" is rather long, and when one kid steps in and does something to ruin it how would you react?

A dad from Kingston let us know about the drama he went through last weekend at his son's birthday party.

My son had his 8 birthday party last weekend. We decided this year we were just going to something small at our house in Kingston. We invited a few of his neighborhood friends and when it was time to blow out the candles, one of the neighborhood kids decided to blow out the candles instead of my son. Basically, this punk kid took away my son's big birthday moment. This isn't the first time this kid has done something similar to this and well, I got annoyed and yelled at the kid in front of everyone. He ends up crying and going home. My wife got really mad at how I handled it and said that I acted like a jerk. ME??? The kid who blew out the candles is a punk. My son always tells me about how this kid bullies other kids in the neighborhood and nobody does anything about it. He is ten years old and has no discipline in his life so I thought I'd help. Am I a jerk on how I handled it?

As a dad, I think I would have been just as mad but WHERE WAS THIS KIDS PARENTS?? They should have been the ones to say something to this boy, I get dad being furious and I think I might have reacted the same way if his parents weren't there.

If you're a parent and this happened at your child's party how would you handle it? Yell, bite your tongue? Was this dad a jerk for making this kid cry? Call or text us through the Wolf country app.

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