Open House Day is a cultural program made available by the State of CT.

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Connecticut partners with museums, parks and art galleries to share free and discounted experiences for one day. This year's CT Open House (2022) will be celebrated Saturday June 11.

CT.Gov describes the day by saying:

"The purpose of this event is to inspire Connecticut residents to learn about all the experiences in their own backyard, anticipating that this will convert them into ambassadors who will recommend these experiences to other visitors."

CT Tax Commissioner/Former Danbury Mayor had this to say of the special event:  "Open House Day in Connecticut is a great opportunity to experience all that our public spaces, parks, museums, hiking trails have to offer - at a free or reduced charge!"

Here are some of the events available for free, around the state of CT:

Danbury - Charles Federer's Danbury Mural (1935) - Free - 256 Main Street

At 256 Main Street, at the iconic old library building (where the Danbury Music Center is now based), the Danbury Cultural Commission will have volunteers on hand to answer questions about a very special mural on the main floor. The 85-year-old mural was painted in 1935. The famed illustrator Charles Federer lived in Bethel and was commissioned to do the mural. It took him a year to complete.

Danbury - Danbury Museum & Historical Society - Free Tour Entry - 43 Main Street

In Danbury, the Danbury Museum and Historical Society on lower Main Street will be open and offering tours and free entry to exhibits.

Westport - Spark Exhibit - (MOCA) Museum of Contemporary Art - Free Tour - 19 Newtown Turnpike

NEW! Don’t miss a one-week exhibition, Spark, on view from June 11 – 19, 2022 brought to life by the Westport Public Schools Visual Arts program. Inspired by the imagination and self expression of our students, Spark is a K-12 showcase of the creative spirit happening in our schools each day. The exhibition, curated and presented by Staples High School students, serves as an expressive platform for Westport art students to demonstrate multiple ways of knowing and learning that are inherent in the unique nature of each child. The opening reception is on June 12 from 12 – 2 PM. It is free and open to the public.

Hartford - Tom Sawyer Day - The Mark Twain House & Museum - Free - 351 Farmington Avenue - Hartford

In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain wrote, “Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.” On Saturday, June 11 (Connecticut Open House Day)  The Mark Twain House & Museum invites you to come play with us for a fun-filled day of free activities and discounted house tours!

For more on the free cultural events available all over CT, check this helpful grid. The State of CT Portal only seemed to make facility registration available this year (2022).

The program is nothing new, Danbury City Council President Joe Cavo told us the program is entering it's 18th year, Cavo added:

"The idea is to introduce or re-introduce local Connecticut residents to culture, arts, recreation and businesses in their town, city, county and state. The idea is to create excitement about all of the wonderful opportunities that are available for folks here in CT with the hope's that they will tell  friends and visitors in order to create interest in what Connecticut has to offer." 

We discussed one of the local Open House experiences on the Ethan and Lou Show Thursday (6/9/22):

I think our art, history and culture are what makes living in Connecticut bearable. We all know that it can be rough in the winter, we know it can be expensive but our landscapes and history come second to no other state in the nation. Every time I think I've learned all I can, a find a new story to tell, or enjoy an experience I've never had. That is me saying that, I didn't want to get my sentiments mixed up with Councilman Cavo and get him in trouble. LOL.

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