Instead of focusing on yet another snow storm that is about to hit us, I thought that we should take a look at the positive side. So, with the help of, I bring you some snowflake fun facts:

  1. As you can imagine, snowflakes come in all different sizes. But did you know that the tiniest are called Diamond Dust Crystals. They are about the size of a letter on a penny. Even though they are so tiny, they are still faceted and sparkle in the sun as they drop to the ground. They are pretty uncommon because they only make an appearance when it is super cold.
  2. Over the course of a year, about a million billion snowflakes fall.
  3. About half of the world has never seen snow. Most of India and Indonesia never get snow.
  4. In 1864, a minister's wife in Maine studied snowflakes as they cllected on her windowsill during a snow storm.  Frances Chickering thought it would be cool (see what I did there?) to cut out paper forms of the frigid forms. Little did she know that she was creating a craft that would be replicated by children all over the world. She gathered her paper flakes and put them into an album  which later became a book titled Cloud Crystals: A Snow-Flake Album.

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