Working in radio has given me many amazing opportunities.

I rarely find a day that I hate going to work, and honestly, on most days I don't even consider what I do work.  After all, my day consists of playing great music, scrolling through Facebook and the rest of the internet and meeting cool people.

The best part about this is my exposure to a vast array of different music, which sometimes shows me a song that has the deeper meaning that music aims to reach —you know that feeling I am talking about. We all have that one song or that one artist that every time we hear that chorus or that voice, we get taken to an emotionally connected place, usually of nostalgia.

Like for example, there is a more recent song by Chris Lane called For Her, I'm sure you know it, but to me, it holds a special silly place. I can't hear it without getting taken back to a past job where my co-host would always stand up and, as she so delightfully put it, would "Mom dance her ass off to it".  She bopped around the studio, signing what few words she actually knew, but always had a great time with the song. I loved her, and am still very close friends with her, and love that whenever that song comes on, it takes me back to that place. I relive that joy and laughter it brought me watching her "dance" as we made fun of her, or she made fun of herself, filming her and putting her on social media. It was always an exciting moment to hear it, and I love that music can do that.

We never know when a song can hit us. Even songs we never think would mean anything COULD, if only it comes at just the right moment. As long as it has that certain thing to associate with it, then what is just a song to the majority, is a deep and meaningful experience for us.

It is because of that ability to connect to music that I really love most music, and am always thankful for the amazing opportunity I was given being allowed to experience music and call it a job!

Now I got you thinking don't I — going back to THAT song — THAT moment it always brings you back to. Isn't music awesome?

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