In a list of the best sandwiches in America, the Food Network has ranked a new Hudson Valley restaurant's sub as the best of the best.

We have some pretty iconic sandwiches in the Hudson Valley. In fact, many of them have already been recognized by the national media. In 2019 Buzzfeed named Rossi's Deli in Poughkeepsie best sandwich spot in New York. Last year, Mexicali Blue's short rib burrito at their Wappingers Falls restaurant was named one of the best burritos in the country. And back in 2016 a pizza/steak sandwich mash-up named the Steak Margarita from Vinnie's Deli and Pasta in Pawling was featured in a segment of the Food Network's show, Guilty Pleasures.

Now, a restaurant that recently opened up in Orange County has received the honor of "number one" sandwich in the country. A definitive list of the "best sandwiches in America" was released by the Food Network, detailing the nation's greatest sandwiches and where to find them.

The list of sandwiches includes heavy-hitters like Al's Italian Beef sandwich in Chicago, The Noble Pig in Austin and Kenny & Zuke's pastrami on rye. But according to the Food Network, the one sandwich that tops them all is a mouth-watering meatball parm sandwich that you can find at a relatively new Hudson Valley restaurant appropriately named Parm.

Originally launched by renowned chefs Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi in a cozy little corner of Little Italy, Parm quickly became an Italian food sensation. Back in April, Carbone told us that he was excited to announce the opening of Parm's first location outside of Manhattan at Woodbury Common. When asked to describe Parm, Carbone told us it's that "quintessential Italian-American red sauce restaurant you want in your neighborhood."

The chef says he takes a lot of pride in what he puts on the plate. The pasta is made fresh every single day. Painstaking attention is given to making the restaurant's famous chicken parm, mozzarella sticks and those oh-so-famous meatballs.

Carbone says the meatballs are one of Parm's most talked-about menu items. The recipe is actually a hybrid of his mother's meatball recipe. Made from a combination of fresh pork, beef and veal, Carbone cooks them at just the right internal temperature so they come out juicy and bursting with flavor. He says the secret is the addition of Italian sausage to the mix that gives the meatballs that extra punch of flavor.

Perhaps that's why his meatball parm sandwich has been named best sandwich in the nation by the Food Network. Not only that but the restaurant's chicken parm was also listed as one of the country's "most iconic sandwiches."

Parm is now open at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets near J. Crew and Gap at the blue lot.

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