I wrote a fun article last week about some of the best food challenges in Connecticut, like the Bear's Smokehouse BBQ Sandwich Challenge, and the Doogie's 2 Foot Hot Dog Challenge. But I just found a destination event that's coming up in Naugatuck for those who want to test the limit of their stomach that I think you should know about.

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Connecticut Food Truck Battles Festival is coming to the Naugatuck Event Center at 6 Rubber Ave on Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15, 2022. The event will feature over 30 food trucks. I found a list of some of the individual food eating challenges that have been announced so far, and if you've dreamed of stuffing your face with different food items (other than Nathan's Hot Dogs), this may be the place for you because there's not only adult challenges, there's a whole bunch of reasonable challenges for the kids too.

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Here's a list of the eating challenges that have been announced:

For Adults:

  • Tator Tot Heaven: 3 Pound Tator Tot Eating Challenge.
  • Cone Heads: Mac & Cheese Eating Contest
  • Low n Slow: Hot Dog covered in Pulled Pork Eating Challenge
  • Chompers: Race to eat 20 Chompers First
  • Get Roasted: Flaming Hot Street Corn Eating Contest
  • Macken Sliders: Slider Eating Challenge
  • Blue Chip Creamery: Who Can Eat 10 Scoops the Fastest Challenge
  • Dees Flavors: Deep Fried Oreo Eating Challenge
  • Sultan Kabobs: Chicken, Beef, and Lamb Kabob Eating Challenge

For the Kids:

  • Tator Tot Heaven: Tiny Tot Challenge
  • Cone Heads and Low n Slow: No Hands Mac & Cheese Bowl Eating Contest
  • Blue Chip Creamery and Amy Sweet Treats: Fastest to Eat 1 Scoop
  • Dees Flavors: Fried Dough Bites Challenge

You must pre-register to get on the list for these events by sending an e-mail to ctfoodtruckwars@gmail.com. The promoters promise that plenty more food challenges will be announced in the upcoming weeks leading to the event, but if this sneak preview has you hungry, send that e-mail and get on the list.

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