The amazing statue will feature one of the most prominent Hudson Valley Native Americans.

The Hudson Valley is one of the areas in the state of New York that is covered by so much history and all of that history has led one Dutchess County town to show off that history by putting an amazing statue up according to a post on Facebook.

The Town of Fishkill announced a while back that they have begun a project that is being done to remember and honor what many consider to be one of the Hudson Valley's most prominent Native Americans, Chief Daniel Nimham.

Chief Daniel Nimham was the most prominent Native American in the lower Hudson Valley back in the 1700s and was the last of the paramount chiefs of the Wappinger according to Wikipedia. To honor Chief Ninham the town of Fishkill started a statue project that is nearing completion according to the town's Facebook page.

The stunning statue is currently being cast in bronze sections, and when completed will be put together to give us a must-see statue. Once complete, the town announced that they are continuing to work with the Department of Transportation to make the statue's permanent home at the arrowhead intersection of Routes 52 and 82 in Fishkill.

Once the statute is complete sculptors hope that this is what it'll look like....

Town of Fishkill/Facebook
Town of Fishkill/Facebook

As the competition of the statute nears the town of Fishkill did say that they will soon announce plans for a public dedication ceremony that is currently expected to happen sometime in the spring of 2022.

Fishkill Honors Chief Daniel Nimham With Bronze Statue

Chief Daniel Nimham statue being cast in bronze.

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