A tractor trailer fire on I-84 shortly after 3:00am had 911 buzzing with phone calls.

The Danbury Fire Facebook page reports that emergency units were dispatched to Interstate 84 between exits 5 and 6. A tractor trailer hauling paper goods was in flames. Thankfully, the driver of the truck escaped unharmed before help arrived.

The fire was extinguished quickly with firefighting foam. Connecticut State Police and The Danbury Fire Marshall were also on the scene. The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.

What do you do if you happen upon an emergency situation such as this one? There are two very important things to keep in mind:

  • You should immediately reduce your speed to below the posted speed limit
  • If you are driving in the lane next to a lane with an emergency vehicle, it is now mandatory to move over one lane. The “Move Over Law" has been in effect since October 1,2009

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