As we head into another week of sheltering in place at home, there may actually be a silver lining in this cloud.

We all know the toll that staying at home is putting on our psyche, but here's something that may make you feel a little better, you're actually saving money.

Think about it, you're probably driving a lot less, saving on gas. You're not eating out at restaurants, saving on food. Your kids are not in childcare -- saving a ton right there -- plus, you're staying away from the happy hours after work, saving on drinks.

So just how much are you saving? The folks at built a "Quarantine Calculator" that helps estimate how much you're actually saving by being quarantined. Surprisingly, we're all saving A LOT.

There are estimates that the average person is saving about $1,700 each month, so go ahead and check out the quarantine calculator -- you just might be surprised how much money you're not spending these days.

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