The classic movie is showing for FREE! Here's when and where...

We shared many times that there are a couple of movies that made the 1980s one of the best decades for movies. I'm not sure what it is but the movies back then were just better than any of the movies that come out today.

Are We Wrong?

If you think we are, let me refresh your memory and remind you that the 80s gave us classic movies like "The Goonies", "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "The Breakfast Club", "The Karate Kid", and "Back to the Future", should we keep going?...LOL!


Best Movie from the 80s

That question is what some might call an argument starter...LOL! Most of us have a strong opinion when asked and I think we mentioned many of the Hudson Valley's favorites above but for me, one was left out.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Hands down the BEST!! If you've never seen it, the teen classic written by John Hughes follows Ferris (played by Matthew Broderick), throughout a day of skipping school with his best friend and current girlfriend. The one-day journey follows them through Chicago enjoying everything including a parade, a baseball game, and much more, all while their high school principal tries to prove that Ferris isn't sick.

If you are a fan like we are of the classic film like us and want to see it back on a movie screen we have some good news!!! The Orpheum Theater in Saugerties and the Starr Cinema in Rhinebeck are giving us one more chance to watch Freeis and his crew on the big screen for FREE!

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The FREE shows will happen on Saturday, March 4th, at 1 pm at the Orpheum Theater located at 156 Main St, Saugerties, NY, and on Sunday, March 5th at 1 pm at the Starr Cinema located at 6415 Montgomery St, Rhinebeck, NY.

Both showings are FREE but you will need to reverse tickets. You can do that online here.

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