We're not gonna say we have the perfect gift for Father's Day, but ... okay, we have the perfect gift for Father's Day. Actually, perfect gifts. The new Taste of Country Store offers several handmade (in America) items your dad will love. And there's a couple dozen things moms and daughters may enjoy, too.

The perfect flask, a man's man bottle opener and a simple, stylish Born in the USA ball cap are three awesome Father's Day gifts you can start with. Check out the gallery above for a full explanation of each, and then click here to do some shopping.

We also included the wall-mounted bottle opener and whiskey print, because if you bring a man a glass of whiskey, you'll quench his thirst for a day. But if you teach him how to make whiskey ... well, he may end up racing around the county like Bo and Luke Duke, but we still think it's a pretty good gift.

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    Sneak a Sip

    Price: $34.00

    Each handmade flask is wrapped with leather from the same company that the NFL turns to for their footballs. This 1776 Co. Whiskey Runner Flask comes in four colors,and is made in America. It comes with a gift box and funnel.

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    For the Whiskey Lover

    Price: $44.00

    Sure, your old man loves dark liquor, but does he know how to make it? This hand-pulled print looks great while providing step-by-step instructions. You can see how each is crafted at TasteofCountryStore.com.

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    This Ain't for the Weak

    Price: $15.99

    The powder-coated 50 caliber bullet bottle opener comes in four colors and is made in American from once-fired military grade .50 caliber brass casings and demilitarized projectile. While durable, the opener may not make it through TSA. We recommend you leave it at home while traveling.

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    Born in the USA

    Price: $30.00

    It's simple, yet it makes a statement about who your father is. The USA Badge Mesh Hat allows Pops to show his patriotism without saying a word. The one-size-fits-all cap comes with a pre-curved brim and is guaranteed to be comfortable. You can also get a patch to represent states like California and Texas.

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    Pop a Top

    Price: $28.00

    This cedar wood plank bottle opener comes with a built-in magnet to catch between 15 and 20 bottle caps. After all, who wants to wake up from a sore back from all that bending over during a night hanging out with buds? You can brand it with the Taste of Country logo or simply "Drink Local." It measures 10 inches tall and just over five inches wide.

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