Just a few months ago, Mrs. Large and I went to the Country Cinemas in Watertown and watched the movie Baby Driver. We've also fallen in love with Thai Bowl Restaurant right next door to the movie theater. Frequenting this area of Main Street in Watertown, it's apparent that parking is at a premium, and if you don't find a close spot, you're going to have to walk a bit when it's cold outside, and that sucks. It's also dangerous, as this tragedy proves. Unfortunately, a local business owner lost his life earlier this week.

According to a story at WTNH.com, 74-year-old Miratit "Mike" Ajro passed away Wednesday after being struck by a car allegedly being driven by 22-year-old Watertown resident, Andrew Pighinni. Pighinni has been charged with felony evading among other charges, and authorities believe Pighinni was operating his motor vehicle under the influence of heroin.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

My memory of Mr. Ajro was of a kind gentlemen, we were one of only about 10 people in the theater a couple of months ago, and he was jovial. We kidded him about him being the one employee that had to do everything in the theater, from selling the tickets, to making the popcorn. It was clearly a labor of love for Mr. Ajro, I'm very sad about his tragic passing. I'm sure his family is in shock, and the fate of the theater is very much up in the air. I do hope that they find a way to keep it open. It a local treasure, and it saves a lot of people the inconvenience of having to drive all the way into Waterbury, Southbury, or Torrington for a family-friendly movie night.

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