Before I even start let me tell you that I hate winter. The older I get the more I hate it. I hate the cold, I hate the grey, I hate the ice. I often wonder that when my parents set out to come to this country in the 1950's why the heck they stopped in New York. Why didn't they keep going south?

Well, they didn't and here we are in the Northeast. I blame them. Nothing I can do about that now except complain. As long as I'm whining, let me grumble about another issue I have with winter. What's the point if it doesn't snow? It's like the lyrics in that sad, sad Eagles song Desperado where Don Henley cries:

The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine.

I'm with Don. Really, what's the point? So, let's go New England, how 'bout a nice Nor'Easter before Easter?

According the Farmer's Almanac at where snowmeggedons are predicted we are in for a blizzard the week of February 11th. So there you are, you heard it here first, you may now stock up on bread and milk.

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