There were 2 really big shows in the area over the weekend that tons of Hudson Valley residents traveled to see. Taylor Swift played 3 unforgettable nights at Metlife Stadium and Zach Bryan played for a sold-out crowd at MVP Arena in Albany.

Swift's weekend went off without a hitch and so did Bryan's...except for one unfortunate incident that happened as he was walking through the crowd.

The incident was captured on video and is now going viral on several social media platforms. In said video, the insanely popular country singer is walking through the crowd with his guitar. As he passes one section of fans, one reached out and grabs onto his guitar, but doesn't let go.

Lukecasey14, TikTok
Lukecasey14, TikTok

Clearly, that was a mistake. You can see Zach get visibly upset and then say something along the lines of "get her out of here!" You can watch it all unfold in the TikTok video below:

@lukecasey14 When you try and take @Zach Bryan guitar and end up getting kicked out. Glad I was able to get this video! #MVPArena #ZacBryan #burnburnburntour ♬ original sound - Lucas Casey

If you're a fan of Zach Bryan, you know that sometimes he'll give away a guitar during his set. However, he explained that the guitar the fan grabbed, was a guitar that holds a lot of meaning. He tweeted:

I give J-45’s out at a lot of concerts. The one in my hands when this happened was mine, my sweet ol’ gal, we’ve been everywhere together and written every song in the last few years together. Took it personal, but nothing against whoever wound up getting kicked out

Zach adds that he doesn't mind the fan interaction and respectful fans, but and it's a big but:

 but if you try to rip it out of my hands I promise I’ll rip you out of whatever venue we’re at, respectfully, of course.

I'm sure that fan is probably kicking themselves now.

It's really unfortunate that Bryan had to experience that during his Albany show, especially when he was so kind to Upstate, New York on social media earlier in the day. The country singer took to Twitter to show his appreciation of New York State tweeting:

Hopefully, this incident doesn't change Zach's views on New York and New York fans. And all of that aside we hear that the show was absolutely amazing. Take a look at photos from the show below:

Hotshots Pics: Zach Bryan @ MVP Arena In Albany May 26. 2023

It was an epic and electric night at the MVP Arena in Albany as Zach Bryan kicked off summer 2023 and Memorial Day Weekend. Did we snap a photo of you and your Country crew on your way into the arena? Find it here with our Hotshots photos from the show.

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