Connecticut is the home to many very famous people. You may have encountered Glenn Close shopping in Greenwich, Paul Simon at the grocery store, Eddie Money checking out a local band, or maybe Dustin Hoffman strolling through your town.

Usually, these celebrity sightings are welcomed. However, one local celebrity wasn't so happy about a visitor that showed up in her neighbor's backyard. Just before 11:00 pm on Tuesday night, Bridgewater resident, Mia Farrow, tweeted a picture of a black bear that was a little too close for comfort.

Then, again, last night (March 21) at around 8:30, Mia tweeted ANOTHER photo of a black bear that is way too close for my comfort:

I once had my own brush with a bear on our way to Hunter Mountain. But, my encounter with Mia Farrow is much less dramatic and much more fun.

In my former life, I was a Veterinary Technician for a cat hospital. We had several famous clients. One day, Mia Farrow called and I found myself on the way over to her home for a house call for one of her beloved cats.

As I chatted with her in her home as she held her cat, it was clear that this beautiful and kind-hearted woman loves animals. But I am sure that as big as her heart may be, she would probably be very happy if she never hears about another bear sighting in her neighborhood.

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