Add another local business that's closing down to your list. This time, it's a popular trampoline park in Bethel.

A post on their Facebook page let their customers know that Sky Zone, the popular trampoline park in Bethel, was closing their doors. Five years after it opened in the Francis J. Clarke industrial park, Sky Zone will be shutting down their facility right after Labor Day weekend.

Sky Zone owner Ed Kim called it “a difficult decision” and that revenue was not supporting increased costs for labor, rent and utilities. That coupled with other trampoline park's that have opened recently in this area of the state including Bounce Trampoline Sports in Danbury.

Here's the message Sky Zone posted Wednesday (July 31) on their Facebook page:

Sky Zone has not operated without incident over the years. According to, a section of their roof collapsed from heavy snow back in March of 2015, and in May 2018, they were sued by a man claiming he was injured while using one of the facilities trampolines. That case is set to go before a Danbury Superior Court Judge some time next week. Neither incident had any bearing on the closing however.

Sky Zone does operate two other franchises, one in Norwalk, and one on Long Island that will remain open.

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