Meow! Happy Feline Friday!

I heard a great story that I wanted to share with you. My friend, Tim the Enchanter, told me about a family who got a big surprise when the kittens they adopted turned out to be bobcat cubs. He sent me a link to the story and it went on to say that when they fed the bobkittens, they were so wild and aggressive that they tore the plastic feeding bottles to shreds. The tiny terrors also bit the family several times. After doing some research, they found that the tufts of fur in the little big cat's ears and their stubby tails made them think that these were no ordinary domestic house kitties.

Looks like we got us some bobcats!

After reading the story, I asked my friend, Tim the Enchanter, "the stubby tails wasn't their second clue??"

He didn't answer me...and didn't that really answer my question. Even though this was all done through text, I could see his eyes rolling

So, let's get you ready for your weekend. I found a very sweet video of a kitty and a bobcat encounter. The domestic meow was totally safe and not fearful at all. Just saying hello to his friend on the other side of the glass.

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