Some people love their families and would do anything for them. Unfortunately, that is not what happens in every family, and that could possibly be the case for one guy named Loren Bosworth from Eastford, Connecticut.

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Loren passed away a long, long time ago in 1907 at the age of 79, and some locals around Eastford believe that he intentionally spent all of the extra money he had on his gravestone monument to spite his dear family. Our thanks to YouTuber, Dime Store Adventures, for the heads up on this very interesting story, for the awesome video, and for doing all this amazing research.

Fact Or Fable? Local Legend Of The Giant Bosworth Monument In Eastford

For more stuff written by your friendly-neighborhood DJ, you can tap or click right here. Speaking of legends, here is an article about three Connecticut urban legends, thanks for hanging out with me, and see you guys again very soon.

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