The storms last week left behind a lot of damage. Here is the latest information from Eversource as they continue to work to get power restored to customers.

Brookfield - 4,715 customers have been restored and 3,353 remain without power. There were 317 broken poles, 308 trees that need to be cleared, 50 miles of wire to be replaced, 162 transformers that were damaged and 33 blocked roads.

Danbury -  13,551 customers have been restored and 869 remain without power. There were 172 broken poles, 310 trees that need to be cleared, 21.7 miles of wire to be replaced, 57 transformers that were damaged and 46 blocked roads.

New Fairfield - 3,137 customers have been restored and 2,966 remain without power. There were 317 broken poles, 427 trees that need to be cleared, 35.3 miles of wire to be replaced, 115 transformers that were damaged and 35 blocked roads.

Newtown - 7,614 customers have been restored and 1,003 remain without power. There were 159 broken poles, 336 trees that need to be cleared, 3.2 miles of wire to be replaced, 63 transformers that were damaged and 52 blocked roads.

Oxford - 3,659 customers have been restored and 1,078 remain without power. There were 177 broken poles, 370 trees that need to be cleared, 29.1 miles of wire to be replaced, 56 transformers that were damaged and 25 blocked roads.

Southbury - 8,328 customers have been restored and 1,630 remain without power. There were 204 broken poles, 487 trees that need to be cleared, 33.6 miles of wire to be replaced, 78 transformers that were damaged and 32 blocked roads.

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