Don’t forget this weekend we “Spring Ahead” and return to daylight saving time. It's happening Saturday night, so set those clocks ahead one hour.

Get ready to lose one hour this weekend, it’s that time again to set those clocks ahead to “Daylight Saving Time”. It's not exactly my favorite night of the year. Anytime you lose an hour of sleep it's a pretty serious thing in my world, but there is one significant benefit. Starting Sunday it will be getting darker an hour later, so more sunshine.

The downside is it's back to darkness early in the morning. We finally reached the point of it getting a little lighter early, well that's done at least for a few months.

Now actually turning your clocks ahead is pretty simple, but just keep in mind there are some serious risks. Check out Daylight Saving Time 101:

Here's a little bit of Daylight Savings Time History so you can impress your friends.

Also don't forget, when your setting your clocks ahead, make sure you check the batteries in the smoke alarms in your home.

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